Monday, September 29, 2014

The Weekend

I don't know about you but this Monday morning seems much busier than normal. It seems as though I have an endless list of things to accomplish and I feel like I'm running around crazy today. But, it's Monday so I sort of expect it. Anyway, we had a great weekend and I thought I'd stop to share a few photos with you (and finish my cup of coffee that I've reheated three times now!). 

On Friday night we drove into town and ate supper at Pollo Campero.  That's always a fun outing!
my boys playing at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula

Saturday morning got started normal- as in 5:05 a.m.!  There are days when I really miss getting to sleep in.  I feel like we are up, fed, and dressed before the average person ever gets out of bed. 

Our breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins, strawberry yogurt, and apple slices. 

It is a rare day that we don't get dressed right after breakfast but this day I decided to just let us stay in our pj's until after nap time.  It was fun just laying around and being lazy.  The Disney channel was airing some fun movies that morning so we just had a movie day.  We watched Pocahontas,  Ants, Toy Story, and Shark Tale.  Fun!  It's also rare that you see us sitting around with blankets on us because it's always so hot but they insisted on having cover so I let them.

After naptime we got dressed and drove into town.  We had plans to attend the circus.  Normally when the circus is in town they have three shows on Saturday and Sunday- 4:30, 6:30, and 8:30.  We like to go to the 4:30 time. This time they did not have an early one.   We found out after arriving so we had a little time to kill while we waited on the next show.  We drove across the street to the mall and let the boys play and we enjoyed some coffee and adult conversation.
 me and Cruz with my frappe

The boys playing at the mall in Chiquimula.  Cruz pushed Ben around like this for the longest time and as you can see Ben loved it!  You can also see his mouth full of McDonald's chicken nuggets, ha.

When it was time we headed back to the circus.  We went a little early to let the boys check out the animals.  They were dying to see the tigers!

"Sally the camel has one hump..." Anyone else's  kids sing that song when they see a camel?

Me and my sweet boys ready to watch the circus.  It's one of our favorite things to do.

David and the boys

We invited two other missionary families to join us.  There were nine kids in all and my boys loved having everybody there together.  It made it extra fun.
We took a group photo of the kids before we left and this was the best I could get.  Trying to get nine kids to all look and smile at the same time is hard work.  And if you'll look close you'll see one "big kid" photobombing us in the back.  ha  What a fun night we had!

Sunday morning David headed up the mountain to teach in the village of Nearar.  While he was gone the boys and I worked on a few projects.  Wednesday (Oct. 1) is "Kid's Day" in Guatemala.  It is like Mother's Day and Father's Day but it honors the kids.  How fun is that!  We made crowns for them to wear that day. 

My boys love to paint, draw, glue, cut, marker... all that fun crafty stuff. 

And they also love to ride their bikes and pretend they are motorcycles.  The circus had the motorcycle cage and they reenacted it all afternoon.  These boys play hard.

After supper we bathed them and put them a movie on in their room.  David drove over to the coffee shop in Jocotan and got me and him some cheesecake to enjoy.  We spent our evening watching a little Saints vs. Cowboy's football action before calling it a night.  Not a bad way to end our weekend, huh.

I've got a crockpot of this BBQ Chicken on for lunch and looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  I don't know how it will taste but it smells amazing!!!  I'd better go and try to finish up a few things.  It won't be long and Cruz will be home from school and then my day will get even busier, ha.  Happy Monday Y'all! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Glimpse

Here's a little glimpse into our week. 

Power outages and water shortages are just a daily part of our life.  You never know when you're going to be without either of them.  So was the case late Monday afternoon.  The power was out for about 3.5 hours.  Thankfully I had cooked a big lunch so we were planning to eat leftovers for supper.  I was able to heat everything up on the stove-top, but we had to eat by lantern.  My boys love when the power is out at night.  They love running around with flashlights and playing in the dark.  So much so that they are always a little sad when the lights come back on. I, on the other hand, REJOICE! ha 

While we were cleaning up the kitchen we put a lantern in their room (as you can see on top of the shelf) and let them play in there.  When I went back to check on them I found them both sitting down in their beanbag together looking at books.  My heart smiled!

I was glad that the power came back on before bedtime so that we could sleep cool. 

Tuesday morning we dropped Cruz off at school and then headed into town to run errands and buy some groceries. 
Ben at the grocery store.  
You can't always find everything you need but in spite of that I do love the grocery stores that we have in Chiquimula. 

And while there we picked up another biscuit from McDonald's.  This time I got the correct one. A sausage and biscuit and it was much better than the time before.  I just wish they served jelly here.  None of the restaurants serve jelly packs like in the States. 

On Wednesday David made another visit to the village of Churischan.  If you'll remember our first visit there did not go so well.   I wanted to go badly but was afraid we wouldn't get back in time to pick Cruz up from school so Ben and I stayed home.  I made a good decision because the visit went long and they even invited him to stay for lunch.   That is something that you don't see much in this part of the Country especially with someone you just met.  He had a great visit with the family there.  The man and his wife are both believers and said they were the only ones in that village that they knew of.  I'll share more about them and how they came to know the Lord in another post.   They have several children so our next visit will be with our whole family so they can get to know us a little more.  It's all about relationship building at this stage.  Please continue to pray for this village and that this new family of believers would open their home to us to begin teaching the Bible there.

Thursday started with a pan of Apple Drop Biscuits.  They had my kitchen smelling good like fall. We drizzled honey over them and they were quite delicious.

I spent the rest of the morning preparing for company.  We had a missionary family that lives in Chiquimula come eat lunch and spend the afternoon with us.  This is the same family that was living above us for a while.  My boys were beside themselves excited when I told them who was coming.  They love the Reming kids.  We grilled hotdogs for lunch and also had chips, a pan of chess squares, and some fall jello jigglers.  After eating the kids played and watched movies while us adults played a round of Phase 10.  It was a fun afternoon.

what a crew!

I made orange pumpkin jigglers and green leaves although the green here is not very dark.  It looks more like yellow.   Because of that I brought back a box of green from the States to use at Christmas. 

So here we are at Friday.  Can we all just shout AMEN.  It's "wear what you want to school day" so Cruz's outfit requires no explanation, ha.
my boys before Cruz left for school on Friday

We are looking forward to the weekend.   We are planning on ours including a night out to eat, a visit to the circus, and Bible study.   Sounds like a fun plan, huh.  Hope you have a fun one too!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hi.  My name is Regina and I'm addicted to taking pictures. HA.   Does that statement surprise you?  Seriously though I do love keeping my camera handy and photographing our lives.  It's fun and believe it or not I don't post every picture I take.  The following are a bunch of random photos that I've taken over the past few weeks that I have just not posted yet.  I should be caught up after today.

When the family that shared the 2nd floor of our house moved out they gave the boys this large box. They have been having the best time playing in it. They call it their home and it's been a work in progress ever since. They have drawn with markers on it, painted on it, and done repairs on it with their tools. They have just had a fun time with it.
This was it after they first got it- plain jane.  It's been through the wringer since!

On one of the inside "walls" Cruz drew a mural like in his bedroom.  He drew clouds, a road, a truck, a tree, and grass below.   He was very proud of himself. 

One evening after they had gone to bed I peeked inside and saw this.  They had neatly lined all of their cars and animals around the wall.  It made me smile.

I mentioned earlier about washing clothes being a daily part of my routine.  Another daily thing around here is washing Cruz's school uniform when he gets home everyday.  Most kids have one complete uniform.  They wear it to school and then go home and it gets hand-washed and line dried for the next day.  That's the case at our house.  The first thing he does when he comes home is change clothes.  We then wash his uniform out in our pila (outdoor sink) and let it dry.

His is most always filthy so it requires a lot of scrubbing and rinsing.  It's not my favorite part of the day but it's necessary.

The good thing about living in a year round hot climate is that it doesn't take very long for your clothes to dry on the line.  Here's his uniform drying the other day.  The sun helps keep that white shirt nice and bright.

Here's Ben enjoying a frozen strawberry yogurt snack on a recent trip into town.

Speaking of snacks, the McDonald's in Guatemala is now serving biscuits.  Yippee!!!  Other than the KFC in Guatemala City I don't know of another place here that serves biscuits.  This is a welcome treat.  You have the option of a sausage biscuit, a sausage and egg biscuit, or a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.  On a recent morning trip into town to buy groceries we ran through the drive thru on the way home to try one.  I ordered the sausage biscuit...

but once we got down the road and I opened it I discovered that they gave me the bacon, egg, and cheese instead.  Don't you just hate when that happens!  Anyway, the biscuit was very crunchy and not what I was expecting but I'll keep trying them and hope they get better.  I ate about three bites and then reached down to pick something up and dropped the whole thing in the floorboard.  That's a bummer for sure!!!  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. 

We also saw this sight on a recent trip into town and are making plans to attend it this weekend.  Cruz and I are super excited.

Several posts back I shared photos of the boys playing at home but couldn't get the video to load with it.  Here's a short video of them having fun riding down the hill at our house.

And here they are clowning one morning while I was trying to get them dressed.  Getting them to be still long enough to do anything is a chore.
sweet brothers

I recently tried a recipe for Cinnamon Cream Syrup.  It tasted delicious on our banana pancakes!  We all enjoyed it and I'm sure I'll make it again.  Cruz liked it but after he finished eating he said "mama, next time I think I'll just want my syrup out of the bottle".  Kids can say the funniest things can't they.

I recently dug out our Jenga game and discovered that it can be a pretty cool toy for little boys to play with.  They love building towers and making roads for their cars.  It can entertain them for the longest time and that's always a plus for parents.

I love this picture of my sweet Benjamin

I smiled when I saw this in their room one night.  It reminded me of a log truck back home in Mississippi. 

And I'll leave you with this major disaster of a mess.  This is the downside of being a children's book hoarder.  They love to pull EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM off of the shelf.  It drives me nuts!  But, I'll keep buying them because they sure do love to read and look at them.  Books are my very favorite thing to buy for my boys.   You just can't have too many (and I remind myself of that when I'm picking them up all day long).

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Boys At The Dentist

As I mentioned in a previous post the boys both recently visited the dentist for a cleaning.  We use a pediatric dentist in Guatemala City and we really like him.  Cruz has been going there for cleanings since he turned two.  It was Ben's first time to get his teeth cleaned.  Cruz knew the drill and he helped me prepare Ben for what to expect.  By the time their appointments rolled around I think they were both a little excited.

David walking the boys down the hall to see the dentist.

my sweet silly boys

Cruz wanted Ben to go first but the nurse called him back instead.  He did not like that. ha  He did jump right up into the chair though and took it well.

He laid back, was very still, and did just what the dentist asked.  I was proud!

Cruz getting his teeth cleaned

All done!  All smiles!  Unfortunately he has one cavity and two spots where cavities are forming.  That was not good news.  The dentist wants to fix the spots first because they won't require anesthesia and then afterwards he'll fill the cavity.  We made plans to return the next day to start that process.

Benjamin was next and walked right in like a big boy.  He jumped right up into the chair, laid back, and opened his mouth.  I was a little nervous about how he would do but he did excellent.   Considering that it was his first time I was super proud of him!

Of course one of the first things the dentist asked was "does he suck his thumb?".  We are working on stopping that habit- one day at a time.

Ben getting his first dental cleaning

When did my baby get big enough to see a dentist???

All done!  All smiles!  All clear!  No need to return for another six months.  

While David was paying I snapped a few shots out the office window.  What beautiful views of Guatemala City they have!  Just on the other side of that big building is the hospital where my boys were born. 

From this direction you can see one of the volcanoes in the background.

a closer shot of the volcano

I love city views.  Do you?

Here are the boys eating a morning snack before we headed back the next day for Cruz to get a filling. 
Rice Krispy treats always bring big smiles to my boys faces.

In spite of all the preparation I tried to do with Cruz, the next day did not go quite as well.  He was very nervous and pretty much cried the whole time.  It was not a screaming and obnoxious cry but a constant nervous cry.  The dentist was still able to work on him but instead of fixing both of the spots he only did one.  He didn't want the experience to be too traumatic for Cruz so we'll do the rest on our next trips into the Capital.   In spite of him crying I was still very proud of him. 

I only snapped this one picture before the doctor let his chair back and then I spent the rest of the time holding his hand and assuring him that he would be fine. 

So since visiting the dentist what does he do with all of this new dental knowledge he has gained?  Well, he puts his scrubs on, sits us down, and pretends to work on our teeth just like the dentist did to him.  His favorite part is using the drill to "make our teeth better".   He is funny and loves to role play.  Who knows, one day we just might have a Dr. Cruz on our hands.  I'll be needing a good one to take care of me by the time he's old enough to be one, ha. 
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